1. Membership. 
Any health professional working in Norway or associated with a Norwegian institution, with a training level corresponding to (MD), Cand.psychol, Cand. scient., Cand.polit and concerned with development and integration of psychosocial, behavioral and biomedical knowledge relevant to health and illness, and the application of this knowledge to prevention, etiology, diagnosis, treatment or rehabilitation may be a member.

Students engaged in research programs within these fields may be affiliated student members of the organisation.

2. Governance
The governing body of The Norwegian Society of Behavioral Medicine consists of a chair person, a vice chair person, a secretary, and three members. The membership elects this governing body either by postal vote or by a general meeting every second year, based on a list of eligible and willing candidates, and with proper representation of disciplines, geographical areas, and gender. Whenever possible, the vice-chair person should be elected as the next chair person.

At least until further notice, and until the organisation has gained the necessary stability, the chairperson and the secretary should be at the same institution that will cover administrative costs and expenses for the organisation.

Members will be charged with NOK equivalent to one US$ pr. year for registration in the ISBM. Members will cover their own costs for participation in meetings, all other administrative costs will be covered by the host institution (the institution of the chair person and secretary).

Changes in bylaws. These bylaws may be changed when at least 50% of the members accepts the change. These changes must not be in disagreement with the general charter of The International Society of Behavioral Medicine, and dramatic changes in the charter should be presented for the ISBM before final approval.

The host institution (institution of the chair person and secretary) should be responsible for the communication between the Norwegian association and the international association, and to improve communication between the Norwegian members. The communication between the national members will be based on electronic mail, and ordinary mail for those not connected with this network.